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Anodizing Type II (DOTIZE®)


The DOTIZE® anodizing process replaces the thin natural oxide film present at the implant surface by a thick oxide layer. Micropores and cracks in the base material are reduced by the anodization. The DOTIZE® procedure conforms to the standard AMS 2488 (Aerospace Material Specification).

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Range of Application
  • Traumatological implants (bone screws, bone nails etc), which should be removed after a defined time and therefore should not be integrated into bone tissue
Advantages of the Procedure
  • Easier removal of the implants after fracture healing
  • Higher pre-loading of threaded connections is possible
  • Increased resistance to wear compared with untreated titanium alloys
  • Increase of up to 15 % in the fatigue strength compared with untreated base material
  • No significant changes in implant dimensions
  • Color: dark gray to anthracite
  • Coating thickness: 1–2 µm
  • Roughness Rz: ≤ 3 µm
  • Adhesion strength: ≥ 22 MPa
  • Hardness: Increase of ~25 %
  • Hardened titanium surface
  • Good biocompatibility
  • Reduction in the risk of cold welding between titanium implants

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