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Anodising of titanium alloys

Anodising titanium and titanium alloys is one of the standard processes that we use to treat osteosynthesis product surfaces and joint prosthesis components.

Whereas the anodising Type II (DOTIZE®) process is used to modify the biological and biomechanical properties of the implants in principle, Type III anodising (Colouring) only modifies the cosmetic appearance of the implants.

Titanium Anodising - PDF: 400 KB

DOT offers the following anodising procedures:

Titanium anodising Type II (DOTIZE®)

The thin natural oxide film on the implant surface is replaced with a thick oxide layer during the DOTIZE® anodising process (DOTIZE®=developed by DOT). Read more>>

Titanium anodising Type III (Colouring)

The principal purpose of the colour anodising is to identify the parts during a surgical procedure (coloured size marking). Read more>>

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