DOT History

DOT GmbH was established in February 1992 in Rostock as a coatings company by two physicists and two engineers. The founders had long standing industrial and scientific competence in the field of coating and materials technology. This expertise was the cornerstone for the successful development of the company.

Milestones of company history

1992DOT Dünnschicht- und Oberflächentechnologie GmbH (thin film and surface technology) founded;
work starts at Rostock Innovation Incubator (RIGZ);
Start of PVD coating
1995BONIT®-coating launch
1997A further production facility goes into operation at the Rostock-Warnemünde biomedical research centre
1998DOTIZE® coating enters the market
1999Subsidiary FMZ GmbH (CNC-production) starts manufacturing in Teterow near Rostock
2000DOT purchases her own office and production facilities at approx. 3,000 m²
2001Name changed to DOT GmbH;
Start of laser lettering and cleanroom packaging
2003Synthetic bone regeneration material BONITmatrix® receives CE approval and is launched in Europe
2004DOT expands with a new production building of approx. 2,000 m²;
FMZ GmbH opens up an additional production facility in the Rostock Laser technology and transfer centre
2005alphatech® dental implant system of FMZ GmbH introduced
2006DOT receives "Oskar award";
BONITex® and DUOTex® coatings launched
2007The Eifeler Holding GmbH & Co. KG acquires the majority of DOT GmbH
2009CE approval and launch of the synthetic bone regeneration material OSSA NOVA;
new production building of 1,000 m² for FMZ GmbH
2012Sale of subsidiary FMZ GmbH
2013Extension of building 2 (plus approx. 2,000 m²);
Foundation of DOT America, Inc.
2015Start of operating activities of DOT America, Inc.

Why DOT GmbH?

Founded in February 1992

Approx. 300 employees

Business areas

  • Surface treatments for orthopaedic implants, dental implants and related instruments as well as for other medical devices
  • Products for regenerative medicine


DOT America, Inc., Columbia City, Indiana, USA. Founded 2013

Coating services

Orthopaedic and Dental, e.g. BONIT® (bioactive calcium phosphate coatings), sprayed HA coatings

Our own medical devices

BONITmatrix®, OSSA NOVA, Hypro-Sorb® F (natural collagen membrane)


Cleanroom packaging, technical polishing, laser engraving, laboratory services, validations

Charles-Darwin-Ring 1a
18059 Rostock l Germany

Phone: +49 381- 4 03 35-0
Fax: +49 381- 4 03 35-99


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