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Type III Anodisation (Colouring)


The anodisation type III (colouring) is performed in diluted acid. The titanium oxide film that is produced works as an optical interference filter. By varying the thickness of the coating all the colours of the rainbow can be produced. The standard colours produced are red, blue, yellow and green. Customers can also select from a larger range of colours.

Colour Codes - PDF: 400 KB

Range of Application
  • Implants and implant components which are provided in different sizes (e.g. different diameters)
  • Osteosynthesis products (screws, plates or instruments)
Advantages of the Procedure
  • Easier identification of implant sizes and components
  • Cosmetically appealing
  • Colours: according to the colour scheme
  • Coating thickness: 20–200 nm (depending on colour)
  • Roughness Ra: ≤ 0.05 µm (at polished surface)
  • Adhesive strength: ≥ 22 MPa

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