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Natural collagen membrane Hypro-Sorb® F

Composition and Properties

Hypro-Sorb® F  is a bi-layered collagen membrane with rough, porous and smooth properties. It is comprised of type 1, ultrapure, bovine fibre collagens. Read more>>

Indications and Application

Hypro-Sorb® F is a natural collagen membrane for applications in dental void surgery and in GTR/GBR (Guided Tissue Regeneration/Guided Bone Regeneration). Read more>>

Article Overview Hypro-Sorb® F

ArticleSizePackage unit
Hypro-Sorb® F small15 x 20 mm  1 Membrane
Hypro-Sorb® F medium  20 x 30 mm  1 Membrane
Hypro-Sorb® F large30 x 40 mm  1 Membrane

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Hypro-Sorb® F is a class III medical product and it is supplied sterile.

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