For the repair of bone defects, bone regeneration materials are a useful alternative. The limited availability of autogenous bone as well as the risks involved in the use of allogenous or xenogenous materials has led to an increased application of synthetic bone graft materials in dental and orthopaedic surgery. The crucial factor for the suitability of synthetic bone graft materials is that these should be bioactive materials, which can be fully integrated into the natural bone remodelling process.


BONITmatrix® consists of a mixture of the two calcium phosphates HA and ß-TCP in the clinical proven ratio of 60:40, embedded in a biological active silicon dioxide matrix. Read more>>


OSSA NOVA is a synthetic, resorbable, pasty bone graft substitute consisting of a mixture of nanocrystalline calcium phosphates, HA and ß-TCP in an amorphous, bioactive Silicon dioxide matrix. Read more>>

Hypro-Sorb® F

Hypro-Sorb<sup>®</sup> F
Hypro-Sorb® F consists of bovine collagen type I. Due to the removal of telopeptides the membrane possesses a very high degree of biocompatibility. Read more>>

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